What is WordPress Subscriber?

A WordPress Subscriber could check with a user role in WordPress. Sometimes the subscriber user role has very restricted capabilities. Unless the default capabilities are modified, the subscriber user role is that the most restricted out of all the WordPress user roles.

They’ll create and maintain their profile on a WordPress web site.

However, they’ll not write or publish articles. Because they’ll log in to the WordPress dashboard and make changes to their profile, this implies that they need a very restricted ability to modify the WordPress information. Rather like with the other user roles, the default abilities of this role may be changed.

With default settings, the WordPress subscriber role permits users to log in to a WordPress web site and leave comments while not having to enter their details each time.

This role is beneficial for those that oftentimes read a blog and are actively commenting. It will make leaving comments on a blog a lot of easier and faster.

The subscriber role also can be used to deliver extra content to users like newsletter or access to the pages and posts that might somewhat be secured.

WordPress Subscriber may additionally refer to a user who has signed to a web site using an RSS feed, mailing list, or any other feature to receive updates from a web site.

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