What is WordPress Editor?

Editor`s Role in WordPress is the term referred to as a pre-defined user role within the WordPress User Management System. Any User with the WordPress Editor`s Role has the capability or the rights and privileges to write, edit, publish and delete posts.

This includes posts written by other users. They can also moderate, approve, and delete comments. Their privileges extend on the far side just adding and removing content.

They can additionally manage categories, tags, custom taxonomies, and even upload files. A user with Editor Privileges additionally has the power to read non-public posts and pages.

Only the WordPress Admin user role has additional privileges than the Editor User role in terms of capabilities. The downside of WordPress Editor Role is the fact that it doesn`t have access to WordPress settings, Management, themes, and plugins areas.

In other words, they can manage content and even delete it.

However, they can’t perform website management tasks.

Since WordPress Editors can delete posts, even those already published, it’s extremely recommended that you simply only assign this role to a user you trust.

Also, keep in mind that you simply can add or remove capabilities to user roles in WordPress. So, if you’re undecided concerning giving a user this a lot of control on your website you can tweak the user role to meet your desires.

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