What is WordPress Admin?

Admin is a user role in WordPress User Management System.

When a user Installs WordPress it then creates the first user as Admin Role with the username and password defined throughout the installation. See our guide on the Methods of How to Install WordPress.

That 1st user is assigned the user role of an administrator. The assigned WordPress Admin can perform all actions on a WordPress Admin Dashboard also called WordPress Admin Dashboard or WP Amin or WP Admin Panel or the entire website and have full capabilities.

A user with administrator or admin role also can add and take away the capabilities or access of other users with a similar role for that same WordPress Panel or Website. When assigning the administrator role to a new user, it’s necessary to recollect that administrators have the access or capability to create, edit & publish contents, delete content, moderate users comments and keep an eye on the website from the Admin dashboard or Admin Panel.

WordPress Administrator is the only user role that has the power to upgrade a WordPress website/blog. They can modify themes and edit core WordPress files by making use of the in-built theme editor. They even have the power to add, delete, and modify any plugins on the site within the same method.

In most cases, there is only one administrator. In the case of a WordPress multisite installation, a number of the capabilities of the admin role are assigned to the super admin role.

The super admin could modify themes, add new users, add and remove plugins, and administer the site network whereas the roles of the admin would only be concerned with managing a single site.

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