What is Google Search Console (GSC)? – 4 Factor Explained

What is Google Search Console (GSC) or Google Webmaster Tool?

Google Search Console (or ‘GSC’ for short) also known as Google Webmaster Tool gives webmasters a chance to monitor and manage their websites through an official gateway and is packed full with useful statistics. Having direct access to tools and data or information directly provided by the search engines can make optimizing or enhancing your website a lot less demanding! But what is it, precisely?

Google Webmaster Tool is a Communication Channel

Search Console Accounts are the primary, and official way by which Google speaks with communicate directly with individual site owners. By having a registered account with GSC, Google can send webmasters data about website issues, site errors, or even penalties. Google Search Console (GSC) or Google Webmaster Tool also provides some limited tools to enable you to get in touch with them about site issues and feature requests or highlight demands.

Google Webmaster Tool is a Control Center

In case you’re effectively optimizing your website, you’ll comprehend that SEO is never ‘finished or wrapped up’. You need to be persistent at or continually improving your content, refining your site settings, and limiting or minimizing your errors.

Google Webmaster Tool provides tools which help with this everyday management. It gives you a chance to do things like submitting and monitor your XML sitemaps, ask Google to (re)evaluate your errors or blunders, or perceive how Google sees specific pages and URLs on your site.

Google Webmaster Tool is a Performance Dashboard

Your Google Search Console account is loaded with useful information about how your website is shown and performing in search results. From portable devices or mobile usability reports to visibility and clickthrough tracking or following, and significantly so much more.

In case you’re serious about managing and optimizing your website, your Google Search Console account is your operational hub for understanding when, where and how your webpage is showing up in Google Search.

Google Webmaster Tool is a Data or Information Source

The vast majority of the data in Google Webmaster Tool can be extracted and incorporated into different systems or frameworks, like to Google Analytics, Rank Math Swiss Army Knife of WordPress SEO Plugin and Yoast SEO plugin, refer to How to Install WordPress Plugins to get started with Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress.

That implies that, in case you’re running a Yoast SEO plugin, you can integrate a portion of your GSC data much directly into your website. This can make it a lot easier to deal with your errors, analysis, and redirects!

Ready to get Started with Google Search Console?

See our article on How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool) to also improve your SEO Ranking.

Anyone who runs or somehow manages a website ought to be able to access a Google Webmaster Tool account, for free.

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