Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Recently, we`ve been getting tons of these question on Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? Which is better? Which should I use? Should I make the switch from Yoast SEO to Rank Math SEO WordPress or from Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin to Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin? Hence we are bringing to you the full comparison on Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? and this is based on the free version of both SEO plugin.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become the best and most consistent source of organic traffic for one’s website, But it’s not without its glitch. The constant way or process of optimizing your blog posts can sometimes take a whole lot of time than you can set for writing the content. And If you always feel you can do so much more on the SEO front for your blog or website but you`ve not got the time, then here is what you are looking for.

We are going to compare Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin in order to get you the right features to look at in making the best choice for your WordPress SEO Game.

How much do you depend on website visitors or users to search and find you on the internet through a search engine; the likes of Google search and Bing Search? Then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be your best shot. See also the 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking to get more organic search traffic.

In this article, we are going to give you a complete comparison to enable you to make the right choice; Let`s get started with Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Performance Comparison of Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO Rank Math SEO
Yoast SEO plugin’s code is almost 1.5x larger than Rank Math. It adds more requests & bulk to your website as a result.Rank Math SEO code is precise and efficient. That is, it sends fewer PHP requests, higher or more speed, many extra useful features.
Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which 1 is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?
Yoast Overview

Photo by Rank Math

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which 1 is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?
Rank Math Overview

Side by Side Features Comparison of Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO

Stacking Up Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin

FeaturesRank Math SEOYoast SEO
Optimal Settings Pre-Selected *
Clean User Interface *
Simple Setup Wizard !
Compatibility Check *
Auto Canonical URLs
LSI Keyword Too Integrated *
Track Keyword Ranking *
Google Search Console Integration *
1 Click Import from Yoast SEO N/a
1 Click Import from AIO SEO
Import AIO Schema Rich Snippets *
Advanced SEO Analysis Tool *
70+ Detailed SEO Tests *
SEO Analysis Score *
SEO Warnings
SEO Failed Tests *
Automated Image SEO *
Powerful Post Optimization *
Supports Custom Post Type
Bulk Edit Titles & Descriptions
Post Preview on Google
Content Analysis
Control SEO For Single Pages
Control the Title
Control Meta Description
Auto Add Additional Meta Data *
Focus Keyword
Control ROBOTS Meta
Choose a Primary Category
Google Keyword Suggestion *
Optimize Up to 5 Keywords *
Choose Pillar Posts & Pages
Internal Linking Suggestions
Capitalize Titles *
Fix Google Crawl Errors
Powerful XML Sitemap
Module Based System *
Advanced Redirection Manager *
Smart & Automatic Post Redirects *
301 Redirection Type *
302 Redirection Type *
307 Redirection Type *
410 Redirection Type *
451 Redirection Type *
Support for Regex *
Debug Redirections *
Redirect Attachments to Parent
Simple 404 Monitor *
Advanced 404 Monitor *
Role Manager *
14 Google Schema Markup Types *
Article Rich Snippet
Book Rich Snippet *
Course Rich Snippet *
Event Rich Snippet *
Job Posting Rich Snippet *
Local Business Rich Snippet *
Music Rich Snippet *
Person Rich Snippet *
Product Rich Snippet *
Recipe Rich Snippet *
Restaurant Rich Snippet *
Review Rich Snippet *
Service Rich Snippet *
Software/App Rich Snippet *
Video Rich Snippet *
193 Local Business Types *
Social Media Optimization
Add Overlay Icons on Social Images *
Default Open Graph Thumbnail
Auto Facebook Open Graph
Facebook Authorship
FB Open Graph for Homepage
Automatic Twitter Meta Cards
Twitter Card for Homepage *
Default Twitter Card Type
Social Previews *
Default Share Image
Support for knowledge Graph
Google+ URL for SERPs *
LinkedIn URL for SERPs *
Instagram URL for SERPs *
YouTube URL for SERPs *
Pinterest URL for SERPs *
SoundCloud URL for SERPs *
Tumblr URL for SERPs *
Myspace URL for SERPs *
Represent site as a Person
Represent site as a Company
Choose a Separator Character
Modify Global Meta
Strip Category Base
Remove Stop words from Permalinks
Search Engine Verification Tools
Bing Site Verification
Baidu Site Verification
Alexa Site Verification
Yandex Site Verification *
Google Site Verification *
Pinterest Site Verification *
Norton Safe Web Site Verification *
SEO Breadcrumbs *
Auto Show Breadcrumbs *
Advanced Link Options *
Nofollow All External Image Link *
Nofollow All External Links *
Open External Links in New Tab *
Ping Search Engines
Contact Info Shortcode *
Compatible with EDD
Lines of Code 29.6k 95k
PHP-FIG Coding Standards Used *
Optimize Archive Pages
Optimize Author Archive Pages *
.htaccess Editor
robots.txt Editor
Import/Export Settings
Import/Export Redirections
RSS Optimization
Add Content before RSS Feed
Add Content after RSS Feed
Detailed Documentation
Contextual Help
Multisite Compatible
24x7x365 Support !

Pricing and Plans

Rank Math SEO WordPress Plugin is a free SEO plugin which you can download from the official WordPress.Org Plugin repository. Rank Math SEO it’s completely free packed with advanced features and at the moment, no premium version released; Though Rank Math premium version is in development and you can follow Rank Math Roadmap to see the success of the premium version availability. While the Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin comes with both free and premium version. The free version has basic settings and features that’s enough for a newbie or normal blog or website. See Yoast SEO premium pricing and plans below.

Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which 1 is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?
Photo by Yoast SEO

Interface and Setup Wizard (Configuration)

Rank Math SEO Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?
Rank Math Start Wizard
Rank Math SEO Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?
Yoast Start Wizard

Stacking up Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO, the first attractive feature of Rank Math SEO Plugin is the beauty of its interface. There isn`t any doubt about the color combination and also awesome and smooth UI (User Interface). But with Yoast SEO, the interface & UI (User Interface) is not all that awesome as Rank Math SEO but you`ll get your other features intuitive. And with both SEO plugins, you will get very easy to follow setup wizard and configuration.

If you are using Yoast already or any other WordPress SEO plugin and looking for an alternative, Rank Math has a neat import tool with an easy importation settings and process to transfer all your information and other settings from Yoast or other WordPress SEO plugin into Rank Math. You can do the following importation.

  1. Import Settings
  2. Import Term Meta
  3. Import Redirection
  4. Import Post Meta
  5. Import Author Meta

And also, with Yoast SEO, you can import settings from other SEO plugins installed on your website.

Focus Keyword Optimization

The most important or best part of Yoast SEO plugin is its focus keyword optimization or focus keyword feature. With using Yoast SEO to optimize your contents, and making use its focus keyword feature, you can easily optimize your content or article for that one keyword and easily get better and higher ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

But with Rank Math SEO plugin, you are provided with a better option of up to 5 focus keywords for free and optimize your post or content for multiple keywords!

In order to get this feature of optimizing up to 5 focus keywords with Yoast SEO plugin. You have to be a premium subscriber but free with Rank Math SEO plugin.

In order to activate and get this up to 5 focus keywords optimization in action, you have to sign up on the official Rank Math website and approve its authorization to your website which is very simple and completely free.

Google Focus Keyword Suggestions

Another interesting feature in comparing Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO plugin is the Google focus keyword suggestion. In the process of choosing a focus keyword, Rank Math will auto-suggest different or related keywords as well as long-tail keywords for typed or entered terms which are based on Google focus keyword suggestion. Choose any of your choices and then optimize the article for more keywords accordingly.

Yoast SEO plugin doesn’t offer this feature of Google focus keyword suggestion except you are a premium subscriber.

Integrated Schema on Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Having this same question of Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin? You then need to keep in mind that Schema.org is one of the most important website integrated or embedded structure or feature in the current SEO trends. Schema allows you to enable rich snippets or star ratings, within or directly on the SERPs. This makes your blog or website contents unique or stand out and thereby increasing your click-through rates.

With Yoast SEO free plugin you don`t get this integration and you do need to install and use other plugins like WP Rich Snippets and many more for schema integration.

But with the development Rank Math SEO plugin, you don`t have to worry about anything schema because you get full schema support for articles or contents on your website.

Understandably, installing a single plugin that handles both your SEO and Schema requirements is far better than having to deal with two separate ones. This gives Rank Math another advantage over Yoast.

However, just in case you are using Yoast SEO free Plugin, then you need to install and use a separate schema.org plugin. Therefore, I recommend you to get started with MyThemeShop WP Rich Snippets plugin though it`s a paid plugin but works with awesomeness, and has been recently improved.

Therefore, since its a paid plugin and It would be ideal to switch to Rank Math SEO from Yoast SEO in order to enjoy full Schema integration at no cost.

External Link Manager or Control

It is quite a common practice for bloggers to be able to include their affiliate links or other links for more income or other reasons. But you wouldn`t want web crawlers to associate your website’s or blog`s SEO score with that link target.

In such a case, all you have to do is add a Rel=nofollow tag using HTML view or a plugin. But Rank Math has got this special External Link Manager or feature integrated which you can turn on while running Rank Math Setup Wizard or by going to its SEO Tweaks settings. But with Yoast SEO free plugin, this particular feature is not available.

404 Error Manager and Advanced Redirection Manager

At some point you will realize in the world of SEO, we all include internal or external links in our posts or articles for enhanced or improved user experience (UX).

However, these internal or external links can get broken and generate errors to your website visitors like 404 – page not found especial when such connected links have been removed as well.

And at some point, we all have to delete some posts or pages, but when that deleted or old URL gets your website visitors, they bump into a 404 – Page Not Found error. Aaaargh!

Note that this 404 error and with persistence or reoccurring will have a great and negative impact on your Search Engine Ranking or SEO ranking drops

To avoid 404 error and Search Engine Ranking drops, you can redirect them to a replica of the broken link or new page with more relevant information. It’s very important to do this systematically to make sure your website is kept in a healthy condition.

If you are not using Yoast SEO premium then at some point in order to take care of this 404 error, you will need to install and use an extra Redirection manager plugin. See our guide on How to Install WordPress Plugins – Beginners Guide.

This Redirect manager plugin will allow you to do just that; page or post or link redirection after deleting a link, page or post, the plugin will ask you exactly what you would like to do with the deleted or old URL.

You can as well go to the menu ‘Redirects’ to check, see and update all of your redirected links, posts, and pages. And you can also set ‘REGEX redirects’ so to indicate that all your website URLs containing a specific or certain word or expression should redirect to the specified or same page.

Both Rank Math SEO and Yoast SEO offer a special, dedicated and powerful redirection manager. But the key difference is that Rank Math SEO makes it available for free, and with Yoast SEO, you have to be premium version subscriber as I mentioned earlier.

Internal Linking Suggestions

In the comparison of Rank Maths Vs Yoast SEO plugin; Internal linking is without doubt or extremely important because it ultimately helps search engines to better understand your web site structure.

But manual adding of links into your posts is slow, tedious, or time taking and downright annoying. However, With the integration of the internal linking feature in Yoast SEO Premium subscribers, manual internal linking is now a thing for Yoast SEO free users or a thing of the past.

And with Rank Math SEO, Internal Linking Suggestion is a free feature which you get at no cost.

This Internal Linking Suggestion feature scan through analyzes your whole post or text and suggests links related to that posts – while you write. Taking away all the hassle of manual internal linking.

Ticket Support System on Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

On this subject of Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO plugin; Rank Math SEO plugin is easy to set up, use and easy to navigate with simplified options and guide on optimal settings for every step of the way. Should in case you need assistance with Rank Math SEO plugin, you have its 24×7 ticket support system to get you to help at any time you need it.

Rank Math also offers support on its Facebook Group or Page which you can join, drop your question(s) and you will quickly get your question responded to by the MyThemeShop team as soon as they can but quite fast as I have seen severally.

Yoast SEO plugin has no support system available for its free subscribers but gives you access to be able to use their extensive FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section and knowledgebase platform.

But as a Yoast SEO premium subscriber you will get 1-year free access to 24/7 Ticket Support System and Round the clock email support access to their wonderful, awesome and knowledgeable support team.

Final Thought on Rank Math Vs Yoast SEO – Which is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin?

Rank Math SEO is very promising and completely free WordPress SEO plugin, you`ve got all your SEO tweaks packed in one place.

Rank Math SEO is the most detailed, advanced WordPress SEO plugin that is completely free and also user-friendly. If you want all WordPress SEO plugin advanced features, Rank Math SEO is the Game changer and all these features and integration are not available with Yoast SEO free plugin; But as an existing Yoast SEO premium subscriber, you are already using all these features in your Yoast SEO premium package.

If you want all these features for free, get started with Rank Math SEO but if you are and want to use the best, most installed and common SEO plugin then Yoast SEO premium is yours to get started with. And while you are optimizing your website contents for higher search ranking, keep in mind the 10 Unhealthy SEO Habits You Should Quit Right now as these hurt your traffic a great deal.

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