Best Link Building Strategies and Free Methods Explained

Best Link Building Strategies for Your Website

In this article, I’m gonna show you my favorite bugfree and flawless five ways for Best Link Building or the best link building strategies for your blog or website instead of you begging/chasing other websites for Backlinks.

After now you`ll sit tight and let those links come to you. I’m gonna show you how to have Backlink opportunities getting mailed into your inbox daily. So let’s stop for a second and ask ourselves this, why do you actually need Backlinks? So Backlinks are completely necessary if you want to drive traffic to your blog or to your website.

Google search engine traffic is an absolutely powerful source of getting Traffic; However, just putting out content out there is not enough you actually need Backlinks and it’s the number one factor for Google’s requirement to rank your page for a specific/particular search term.

Best Link Building Strategies Explained; which is run by Brain Dean who is an SEO expert. I want to share a quote from his website.

They recently did an analysis which involved data mining 1M google search engine results and the Number one factor that influences the rankings of pages is Backlinks/Link Building. And I quote

Backlinks remain an extremely important Google ranking factor with down the number of domains linking to a page correlated with rankings more than.

When you have a visitor type in SEO, Link Building, Link Building Strategies, Best Link Building Strategies, Backlinks, funny dog photos or how to make money online or best laptop under $1000. If you want your page to come up on page 1 for Google search engine traffic you need Backlinks pointing back to your website.

So with that out of the way, I want to show you a few ways out of several ways to create free high-quality Backlinks or the Best Link Building Strategies for your blog or website and it`s completely free.

Significant Best Link Building Websites

So the first site that I want to share with you is Haro it also stands for help a reporter out and it is 100% free, the way that it works is you can register for Haro. Click on the site name to load their website and you can register as a source by clicking on I`m a Source then you can register with the help a reporter;  When you’re registered you will just need to monitor your Inbox.

Haro it’s a website that connects journalists with business owners and journalists often look for stories to create improved stories with facts, so they go ahead and they want to bring in or feature certain people to give credibility to their stories. Here is an example of the mail you should expect from Haro after sign up.

Haro Mail - Best Link Building Strategies

Here is an example of the mail you should expect from Haro after sign up to provide a piece for your Link Building.


I wanted to give you an example of how simple some of these queries actually are. Here is one that says; How do you choose the domain name for the site? Did you go by what is available? Did you come up with the company name first etc?

So the requirements are please include any tips you can think of we will format and send over for your review before publishing, include links to your site preferably in image and links to social media accounts so what will happen is you can submit your contribution as a reply to this mail and if they like your contribution that will include reference to you.

They will feature it as a story here is how you know 20 entrepreneurs choose the domains for their business and they will link back to your site and often times these are extremely high domain authority websites, And this normally happens on a daily basis; There are so many emails out there that contain things that you can reply to it’s incredible not just in the business niche they also happen in various other niches so I highly recommend that you join/sign up coz that will give you the biggest opportunity/chance of actually getting Backlinks from this high authority websites.


Now let’s move on to the next site; I’ve actually prepared some more web sites for you guys that work similar to Haro so you don’t just limit yourself to just one website which I suggest that you go and registers, Many of these other websites can link back to you so let’s talk about the next website and it is called sauce bottle;

So source bottle is also a free website and as you can see the way that this works you just go to and you can register either as a journalist or blogger or as a source seeking publicity so in our example if you are looking for Backlinks to your website or to your blog then of course, you need to register as a source so you just click on be a source now and register to enable you to start receiving notifications.


After you sign up, all you need to do after that is sit back and wait and you will start receiving this drink up email alerts; And then monitor your inbox and you will get alerted to opportunities where you can provide a simple answer to every desired question you choose so that one of the bloggers/one of the media outlets can really feature you and they will provide a link back to your website so the opportunities here are endless and you can get really high-quality Backlinks.

This way there are few more web sites that I’ve found for you guys, there is another one called PeachRate so this is what this website looks like. So if you are an expert in a particular topic maybe you’ve got a health-related blog or a mining-related blog you can sign up/join and it’s free likewise you will get notifications into your inbox daily about any opportunities/chances where you can contribute a bit of a piece. It can either be few/several sentences and you might score a link from a very high authority website.

The next site is called ProfNet and is a very similar deal so you don’t need to pay, everything is completely free you can actually just register and you will be enlisted on the database.


One more website that I recommend for you guys to check out is called kiti.

All you simply need to do is register, it’s free to use works in a very similar manner to others so you can register as an expert and you will be asked to contribute various pieces that will be linked back to your website for free.

It doesn’t cost anything so all you need to do is just send in a short pitch.


It can be reasonably short most of the time you just need to follow the requirements but it’s nothing complicated at when I got links I simply submitted two or three paragraph piece/contributions and I provided links to my website and a profile photo and that was enough to get some absolutely important/excellent juicy high authority Backlinks so as a quick recap here are the Link Building websites; So click to start with any of the Best Link Building Website of your choice.

  • profnet


All you need to do is register as a source/an expert wait for the emails from these outlets then reply to them with a short pitch that will include a link to your website which you`re carrying out Link Building Strategies on and you will have a really high opportunity of being featured to improve your Link Building bringing you Backlinks from a very high authority website.

I believe your time spent reading this article on the Best Link Building Strategies is worth it. Refer to these Unhealthy SEO Habits to Quit Right Now on how to keep those SEO juice coming to your site locked in and keep building your backlinks.

Thank you so much for learning from this article; Best Link Building Strategies. Leave a comment below on how this article was useful and you can as well follow us on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.


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