How to Chat Someone Via WhatsApp Without Saving Their Contact3 Tips Disclosed

Have you been wondering on How to Chat Someone Via WhatsApp Without Saving Their Contact? The good news is here.

WhatsApp is the widely used messaging app, with it you’ll get fast, simple, secure messaging and calling (Audio & Video) for free*, available on phones all over the world.

Its is a cool messaging app or tool with fun till it puts out the limitation out that users will only send messages to only the numbers which are saved contacts list?

Although it provides a good and honest amount of leverage; That is if a chat is received from someone you may know even without saving their contact before you can chat them with this app without saving their contact or adding them to the contact list.

However let’s be honest with ourselves, we all want a lot more of accessibility.

So, to meet this demand, we’ve compiled 3 ways in which you’ll be able to message anyone without adding their numbers to your contact list first. The official option is disclosed by WhatsApp Inc. itself.

WhatsApp’s links

Recently WhatsApp disclosed a trick for all its users which will allow them to contact an unsaved number in an official manner.

As stated in the Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ Page, all you have got to do is go surfing to Enter the phone number right wherever it’s required in URL and confirm that you simply have entered the country and region code together with it, however without any + or – or () or 00.

For instance, if you’re trying to send a message to the number 541-754-3010 within the US, you’ll need to enter the URL in the following way: The web page will show a big green Message icon and you can start your chat by simply tapping into it.

Alternative Apps

If you`re thinking that the tactic listed above is just too much to ask for, then there are several android apps present on Google Play Store that are largely associated to links however in a very more user-friendly method.

After installing the app, you simply need to enter the phone number and tap a button to proceed towards a brand new created chat. For a trial, you’ll be able to check out Click to chat, Direct Message and easy Message.

The majority of them are super light-weight, don’t have any ads and require only a few to no permissions at all.

However, using third-party apps can be a sign of privacy and safety risk for some security-savvy users. Plus, making use unofficial apps can lead to a ban from Whatsapp.

Text selections and Actions

This is often a more personally devised method which is simply compatible with stock devices having android Pie or Q.

In this, when you get a phone number in any app, choose the corresponding text, and look out for suggested actions. the most obvious ones can always be called, Cut, Copy, Paste, however if you just explore further, you may realize that there’s also an alternative choice that tells you to “send a message.” whereas these treats will indeed end up to be pretty handy particularly once you want to have short chats with strangers e.g when interacting with business on-line to shop for or sell anything, it’s high time that WhatsApp ought to consider to take away the restrictions within its native app.

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