How to Build a WordPress Website for Free From Scratch

How to Build a WordPress Website for Free ( Overview )

In this article, you will be learning the requirements and moving on to How to Build a WordPress Website for Free From Scratch-step by step for almost free. Yes, almost free coz you`re paying for the purchase of your needed resources for building the website as a result, your spending is little or limited.

We’re ready so let’s begin by analyzing the requirements needed to create your website; so what is the game plan? Well, it’s in four different steps and that;

What Is Hosting?How to Build a WordPress Website for Free

A Web Hosting Service permits or allows their customers or individuals and organizations to put their website online or make their website accessible via the World Wide Web (www). Your website needs to be published online so it can be seen on the internet. To put the website online, so you`ll need a hosting account.

Also A Web Hosting is a computer that’s on 24 hours a day that holds all of your website information if you don’t have hosting, then you have no website, you have no place to put on your text, images and everything like that, that is one of the requirements of having a website.

What is Domain Name?How to Build a WordPress Website for Free

The next thing that we need to do is get our domain name – that is our website name. We need to be able to have people type Google’s domain name is, facebook domain name is and my domain name is It could be “.org” “.net” space whatever you want, but you need someplace to send people, you need to tell people to go to my website it’s my “” “.net” dot or whatever it is.

Choose WordPress as Your Website Platform

Note: WordPress has two platforms that are vs so refer to our comparison of both platforms to know the big differences and why you should choose to use

What is WordPress?How to Build a WordPress Website for Free

We need to install WordPress. WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that are used by people like Forbes, CNN, Jay-z, Katy Perry. The content management system is just a fancy way of saying it helps you manage your content so that, instead of having to write all this code which you’re not gonna have to do, you don’t need to know any code to create your website.

WordPress will do it all easy for you. We all know that it usually costs a lot of money but it’s gonna be almost free because you’re doing it yourself. My next articles will cover the following tutorial: Getting your hosting & domain name, Installing WordPress (pretty easy).

Final Thought on How to Build a WordPress Website for Free

There are two categories of people – Some have the time but don’t have the money while the second category has the money but no time to do all this stuff by themselves.

The good news is that – it doesn’t really take time once you know how to get around all these, but don’t have to accommodate fears, simply take my step by step guide seriously.

Getting your domain name how much does a domain name cost well it costs differently depending on what kind of domain name you get you could get a very cheap one that cost about two or three dollars a year or you can get really expensive one that costs fifty dollars a year the ones that are most popular are the dot-coms and those costs about thirteen dollars yearly then we’re going to install WordPress; How much does WordPress cost well luckily WordPress is free

As for hosting and every other paid requirement, I‘m gonna show you how to get a discount, it’s gonna be less than thirty dollars to start creating your website and I think that is a super good deal, considering it could reach to the ends of the earth broadcasting your message or advertising your services or doing whatever you want it to do.

Alright so let’s start creating your website – The number one step like we said earlier is to get your hosting and domain name and luckily we could do that at Namecheap web hosting or Siteground web hosting; Watch out for my next posts for the next steps.

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