5 Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free Across all Platforms

5 Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free Compatible Across all Platforms

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage allows you to store data virtually, so you can easily access your files on any device with internet anywhere in the world.

We highlight the economically fast and Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free available to consumers and businesses.


If you are seeking information or ideas to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

In 2019, consumers and businesses are continuing the trend of reducing their need to rely on local storage hardware and infrastructure for content backup & online apps usage.

Google data shows that the rise in demand or interest for the “Best Cloud Storage for Free”  has simply increased by 40x (times) over the past decade. Given the numerous number of Cloud Storage Providers for free out there, one should wisely pick a cloud storage provider who will offer the top-most amount of reduced/low-cost storage and bandwidth, while still keeping your data safe.

Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free (Review)

This list represents our top picks for the 5 best cloud storage providers for free of which most offer a free tier allowing you to see if they are right for you before premium purchase. Business users will need to consider carefully what their desires are as terms and conditions also quality of service is likely to take issue considerably.

The Five ( 5 ) Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free

Below are the five chosen Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free which we will be talking about and you can click on the name any of the Cloud Storage Providers of your choice to signup for free.


OneDrive is a Cloud Storage Providers by Microsoft that started out as SkyDrive. The service used to have 15GB of free space but this was cut down to 5GB at the end of January 2016. The bandwidth is unlimited; files and folders can be shared privately and publicly through links. OneDrive has an easy to use drag-and-drop interface with folders and search function. So using OneDrive web applications you can also view and edit documents spreadsheets and presentations in your web browser. OneDrive is not a bad service but the storage limit for new users is quite low at 15GB.

OneDrive  Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free
OneDrive Cloud Storage Provider


Dropbox is a file hosting service/Cloud Storage Providers for free based in the United State.

With Dropbox, you get at least 2GB of free space initially but with a basic account you can earn up to 16GB also by referring people to sign up for a free account you get 500MB extra space per referral bandwidth for free.

The interface is drag-and-drop and it’s fairly good and not too difficult to use so you can create folders and organize your files, has search function as well as share them publicly. Dropbox also has a desktop app and mobile app so you can access your files on multiple devices.

Dropbox - Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free
Dropbox Cloud Storage Provider


Google Drive is Google’s own file hosting service/Cloud Storage Providers for free which offer you 15GB of free space and it applies to your entire Google account including Gmail.

The bandwidth is technically unlimited but practically variable meaning so you can’t really use Google Drive as a public file hosting service; Because specific files that get too many downloads will be throttled but it should be viable for use between friends or business clients in most cases.

Google Drive has a drag-and-drop interface that is easy to use and you can create folders if you want to organize stuff and of course.

Google has a powerful search engine and also has a web app that you can use to view and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in your web browser much like with OneDrive. It also has media players and viewing apps so you can watch videos and photos you’ve uploaded overall it’s pretty good and free.

Google Drive - Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free
Google Drive Cloud Storage Provider


Mega is a Cloud Storage Providers and files hosting service based in New Zealand; it was started back on January 19, 2013, by Kim Dotcom formerly known as King Schmitz or Kimball. Mega Company continues its operations and still offers a very good free file hosting service. With mega you get 50GB of free. The drag-and-drop interface is pretty easy to navigate so you can organize your files in folders just like you would on a regular computer Hard Drive ( HDD ). It also has a search option to search for files stored on your account so you can share files and folders either with a public link and decryption key or share entire folders with other mega users.

Mega also focuses on privacy and data security; all files and data transfers are encrypted with user-controlled encryption so the owner of the files is the only one with access to the decryption key that decrypts them. I do think mega is a pretty good free file hosting service and it’s still very much usable for most people.

Mega - Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free
Mega Cloud Storage Provider


MediaFire is a Texas-based Cloud Storage Providers and files hosting service. With MediaFire, you initially get 10GB of free space with the chance to earn 40GB more without paying any money for it for example by referring your friends so you can get up to 32GB extra space, and for downloading and installing their desktop and mobile apps you get 2GB extra space each. Also for sharing the MediaFire website on Facebook and Twitter gets you another 1GB each and so on. The drag-and-drop interface is modern-looking and easy to navigate so you can organize files with folders and also use a search function to find things you are looking for.

MediaFire also has a file drop feature for folders where you can share a link with friends or business clients and they can upload files directly to your account. Privacy and data security are not on the same level as mega since MediaFire is based in the US it may also be subject to more scrutiny by government agencies.

MediaFire - Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free
MediaFire Cloud Storage Provider

Final Thought on The Best Cloud Storage Providers for Free

With the about article I believe you will choose the best
Cloud Storage Providers for Free and file hosting service that will suit your need or business.

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