Best Blogging Tools for 2019 – Full Beginners Guide

Best Blogging Tools for 2019 – Full Beginners Guide

Blogging is a craftsmanship, and using the privilege tools to blog will make your art rise and sparkle! This is an epic rundown of the Best Blogging Tools for 2019 to which you can refer (Note: bookmark it quickly!), and find new tools to improve your knowledge just as the experience of your audiences!

This epic rundown of Best Blogging Tools for 2019 comprises of resources for a wide range of bloggers whether proficient, low maintenance or individual.

I have organized them into different segments, enabling you to evaluate and choose the correct tools for the correct reason or purpose.

Despite the fact that the rundown of available tools is long, every tool is important/valuable in its own way. I additionally offer a one-line remark for each tool as a fast but helpful reference.

I have personally used at least 75% of the tools highlighted below, and the remaining 25% are proposed by bloggers whose assessments I read and I trust.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet of The Best Blogging Tools for 2019

Desktop blog editorsBest Blogging Tools for 2019

Hemingway Editor: An extraordinary work area writing tool which will improve your composition/writing. Get an instant moment level review and word count/check. Available for Windows and Mac.

Desk: This will pull you far from every one of the distractions and help you center around composing or focus more on writing. Available for Mac OS, and the cost is reasonable.

Open Live Writer: Best Desktop Editor for Windows OS, and you can distribute or publish directly from your desktop.

Blogo: Desktop publishing tool for macOS that is WordPress Compactible.

Evernote: I love using this to take snappy notes on my iPhone, and it’s accessible by means of cloud syncing.

Content Ideal ToolsBest Blogging Tools for 2019

BuzzSumo: Enter a site or a topic to locate the most shared and engagement in content

Ahrefs Content Explorer: Similar to Buzzsumo however with more information or data.

Quora: Search for your key phrases in a pursuit box of Quora, and you will get boundless thoughts for your blog content.

Blog topic generator: Enter your keyword and it will give you ideas of posts.

Google Trends: Check the trending topics or discover your preferred search slangs for any keyword.

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