7 Proven Benefits of Windows 10 for Business

7 Benefits of Windows 10 for Business and Personal usage

Hello everyone! I’m sure many of you are holdouts who have not yet upgraded to Windows 10 maybe you’re using Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 or I hope not you might be using Windows XP; So we`ve taken our time to go in details on the 7 Benefits of Windows 10 for Business and Personal usage that would help your personal activities or brand.

Now there are a lot of reasons why you might not be upgrading to Windows 10 but I’m gonna give you some reasons why I think you personally should at this point upgrade to windows 10  because it is the latest operating system and I think you will get some benefits out of it and there are some things you can’t do with current operating systems.

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So I’ve got about seven (7) reasons or 7 Benefits of Windows 10 for Business that we can go over that might convince you that you should upgrade at this time.

The 7 Benefits of Windows 10 For Business

Note: Upgrading to Windows 10 is really actually now.

They have said that you can’t upgrade for free anymore but there is one way to do it and that is through Microsoft’s accessibility page because they are still offering it technically free to people who have issues with hearing or need additional accessibility features.

so even if you don’t technically have such issues you can get to upgrade to Windows 10 for free from their page.

1st Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

That is going to end on soon so that was a little loophole even though they said you have to pay to upgrade you could still do that up until now but if you’ve been waiting to upgrade to Windows 10 because; your thoughts are that it‘s going to get it for free forever. I must tell you that is now going to end and you are eventually gonna have to upgrade for the Benefits of Windows 10 for Business so go ahead and upgrade your PC while you still can.

Also, why you probably will have to use Windows 10 as opposed to even another version is because Microsoft has pretty much said that Windows 10 is going to be the last version of Windows, and what they mean by that is.

Instead of releasing a big Windows Update or a new version every few years they basically made Windows tend to be modular, meaning that they built it so they could make major upgrades to individual components independently within Windows.

They can release major updates every six months and just upgraded the entire operating system in parts. Even though it’s called Windows 10 they’ll probably just rename it to be called windows at some point and say after five or six years they will have made a huge number of updates to different parts that it will actually have completely upgraded to different software.

So it is technically the last version of Windows because they’re just going to continuously keep upgrading it and that’s kind of the reason why on getting it now you won`t have to carry upgrade in the future

2nd Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

Another Benefit of Windows 10 For Business is for security reasons there’s really no doubt that Windows 10 does have better security than previous versions which were not available in previous versions of Windows.

One specified instance is Exploit Protection, that was part of what was called the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, and this was a piece of advanced software that you probably have never heard of before.

You wouldn’t have really known about it but it did actually allow power users to prevent exploits in software running on the computer, but now they’d appreciated that software and integrated it directly into Windows 10.

In the latest major update which was the full creators update so on top of all the other security features you’re gonna get stuff like exploit protection so in an instance when you open a PDF file that has an exploit built-in it then your operating system itself can protect that from being malicious not to mention the fact that because Microsoft keeps working on Windows 10.

They’re a lot more likely to discover issues with it in terms of security; That is they will patch it if they’re not actively making new features on Windows 7 or Windows 8 then they are less likely to figure out so they might rely on security researchers to report these issues and some might be discovered by hackers so the more actively it’s being used the more likely and secure it is now.

3rd Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

The third Windows 10 Benefits For Business is kind of related to the previous one and that is support. For previous operating systems support is going to be dropped if you didn’t know. Windows 7 support mainstream support was revoked in 2015 they are doing extended support into 2020, and that just means they’re just going to do security patches, but they might not be as effective because of the reasons I just mentioned and for Windows 8.1;

Based on our source; mainstream support is going to be ending within the beginning of this year meaning they’re not going to be developing any new features and they already stopped in Windows 7 like I just said and they will stop extended support in another three years so you got to keep in mind that if you are using an older version of Windows you’re not going to get any new features and while you will get security patches which are important some of those new features are something you probably would

4th Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

Another Windows 10 Benefits For Business is that is good for gamers which leads to an increase in sales of games, windows 10 pc/os and high demand of game developers and that is that Windows 10 supports DirectX 12 if you’re not familiar with what Direct X is basically it’s an API that allows game developers to better access the hardware in your  computer so you can literally run games better and run them more efficiently and just be able to do more stuff and the new versions of DirectX obviously always allow more features for developers which means they can do better games and if they’re exclusive.

You’re only going to be able to run games on Windows 10 and even if they’re not exclusive but they still support the Direct X12 if you’re running it on Windows 10 you should run it through DirectX 12 and it might run even better than it would on previous versions.

5th Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

The fifth Windows 10 Benefits For Business has to do with Universal Windows apps now. Sometimes it is pretty useful to use a universal windows app specifically; Because a universal Windows, Application is allowed to run on any device that uses Windows 10 whether it’s a desktop or a tablet.

Xbox actually runs on a modified version of Windows 10 so any apps that you could run on a desktop theoretically could be enabled to run on an Xbox, and that actually is a pretty cool feature having to do with games where if you buy an Xbox game a lot of times you can also run it on your computer and pick up where you left off, because it’s all the same platform.

It’s like running it on a very similar system so there are some games that do allow you to play on the Xbox then move to your PC and continue playing even with a controller and all that also if you do happen to use apps from the Windows app store.

6th Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

The sixth Windows 10 Benefits For Business is that Windows 10 obviously has more features like the cool nightlight feature, which I’ve been talking about wanting on computers forever, in phones which basically dims the screen and makes it a little bit more orange at night, so it’s just easier on your eyes at night and if you do happen to disable it you’ll be like, it’ll blind you like I can’t believe I was using the computer without it before it’s very similar to the flux program which I’ve talked about many times and also the night shift on iOS and also nightlight on Android so it’s really cool they have it built-in;

Some additional examples of features include better customization of the Start menu so if you’re like me and you absolutely hated the Windows 8 Start menu they kind of improve that, so it’s kind of a combination between the Windows 7 Start menu and the windows 10. You still have the tiles and you can resize it, you can move it all around so it is a little bit better.

Windows 10 Start Menu - Benefits of Windows 10 for Business

Windows 10 Start Menu

I’ve gotten used to it I kind of liked it so that’s at least good another cool quick feature is virtual desktops so if you want to keep all your icons having to do with work on one you can switch between them or all the games on another so that’s pretty convenient and also another little feature is the task manager has been improved; You got resources on there now so even if you want to look at stuff like bandwidth being used, GPU utilization, GPU memory, all sorts of stuff .

7th Benefit of Windows 10 for Business

The last Benefit of Windows 10 for Business which I`ll be talking about is that is majorly updated every six months at least that’s the scheduled. Microsoft has said they want to stick to so unlike having to wait for major updates every few years you’re gonna get a lot of new features every six months so some examples of these are like;

They did the anniversary update, they did the creators update, then they’re doing the full creators update which was the most recent which did introduce a bunch of cool new features.

Another example is spatial audio for headphones so if you didn’t know Windows introduced a feature that basically is virtual surround sound that you can use with any headset and you can now enable that right through the sound icon and its kind of like the Dolby atmos where it’s like virtual 3D except it’s built right in the windows which are pretty awesome.


If you’re playing video games and here’s another kind of cool little feature for games which I was surprised for they actually introduced a new anti-cheat client called true play so games in the future might require you to enable this anti-cheat client so you won’t have to worry about as many cheaters playing in games because imagine this if you have to enable it on the operating system level if someone gets caught cheating then theoretically you could be banned from playing any games on that computer which would be awesome for legitimate players and i would love to see little kids raging at their whole computer being banned at the operating system level because they cheated so you never really know what they’re gonna add-in and like I just mentioned a lot of these are pretty cool features.

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