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Hello and Welcome to Techfreakguide, the largest free digital and WordPress resource site for WordPress Beginners and Internet Marketers.

At TFG, Our vital goal is to make available the forefront of WordPress & Internet Marketing articles and tutorials with easy and better to understand concepts for small business, bloggers, internet marketers and other an online entrepreneur for mastering the basics and beyond.

We bring to you the latest tech news & trends.
We believe there is an easier & better way to get your best tech ideas and do your marketing. A more valuable, less invasive way where audience & customers are earned rather than bought. We are absolutely passionate about it, and our mission is to help our audience achieve it. We’re excited to simplify Tech ideas for everyone through our articles/publication, education, and community.

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself any of these questions?

Do you by chance have any of these question or other questions about a website or WordPress… Then welcome to the RIGHT place!

Why Techfreakguide (Our Story)

The story of TFG began way back in 2014 when I discovered WordPress in the process of searching for a blogging platform.

In no time I fell in love with the platform; WordPress.org against WordPress.com and we started to use WordPress for all our client’s website projects. But come with some set of challenges like PDF guides and 1 on 1 walkthrough were amazingly time-consuming to keep up with in order to master the basics and beyond.

I thoroughly searched the web to find the right resources that could help my clients and other New WordPress users to save time and money.

Sometimes, WordPress tutorials have to be written by developers for developers which the reason why I launched Techfreakguide on June 1st, 2014 as a free resource site for WordPress Beginners, DIY users and Internet Marketers.

Ever since then, TFG has become one of the largest free WordPress and Internet Marketing resource site in the industry.

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