8 Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared

8 Best WordPress Security Plugins Compared

These days, websites will virtually be even as valuable as property and real estate. So, keeping yours safe is vital. Hence we bring to you the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins to secure your WordPress website.

The Internet currently plays an integral role in modern society, and that we are getting more and more dependent on the internet or online services and processes as a result.

Think about it. We use the web for our banking, we shop online, we run our businesses online, and some of us earn our own wages exclusively online in the process.

So in this article, we are gonna compare the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins, Why you need WordPress Security Plugins.

Why Use the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

Do you have a WordPress website for your business or blogging for money?

But websites aren’t simple to manage and keep them safe and here comes in 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins.

You have to take care of the styles, content, optimization for search engines and you need to protect it from spammers, malware, brute force attacks and also hacking attempts from hackers.

The downside of Not Using one Among the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins

  • Hackers can gain access to our WordPress website database and steal your data and that of your clients or users.
  • A vulnerable and compromised blog or website can be used to send out malicious codes or files to other websites or unsuspecting users.
  • You could get locked out of your website or blog, loose access and may need to pay some ransom fee to gain access back in.

As you most likely recognize, WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS for managing website content and, because of that, it is in the attention of hackers.

There are over 100, 000 plugins in the official WordPress directory.

  • So which ones are good ones?
  • Which themes are good ones?
  • How to select properly and not harm your website?
  • The opinion is that an open-source script is liable to all types of attacks.
  • This is partly true, however even during this scenario, you shouldn’t blame WordPress. Why?
  • Often times it`s usually your fault that your blog/website got hacked.

Now let`s ask ourselves this question, what are you actually doing to shield your blog/web site from being stolen/hacked?

One of the most vital steps in hardening your WordPress site security and blocking brute force attacks is to start using one of the Best WordPress Security Plugin.

Now let’s dive in and take a look at some of the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins that are efficient and awesome for your WordPress website, their features and how they do help you protect your WordPress website.

8 Best WordPress Security Plugins

1. Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin

Sucuri is one of the 8 best WordPress security plugins on the market. They offer to their users a basic free Sucuri Security plan plugin which helps you harden your WordPress security and scan your entire website for common and frequent threats.

But the real deal and value-added services are packed in the paid plans, which come with the best and advanced WordPress firewall protection feature. A firewall helps to protect your website from spammers, brute force attacks or hacking attempts and malware or malicious files, links or attacks from hackers doing all they can to access and take over your WordPress website.

Sucuri website firewall filters out all bad traffic even before it even reaches your server. They also serve static contents from their own CDN servers and give your website full protection against SQL Injections, XSS e.t.c.

There is more to Sucuri, stay close

That`s not all, Sucuri has interesting DNS level firewall protection with CDN that gives you an exceptional performance boost and speeding up your website like a raging fire.

The most important feature of Sucuri is that they offer to clean up your WordPress website if it`s any way gets affected by malicious threats or malware at no extra cost. Also, they will clean your already affected website with malware.

Sucuri is our option of WordPress security on our websites so start right away by installing your best WordPress Security Plugin. For complete instructions, see our guide on How to Install WordPress Plugins – Beginners Guide.

2. Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin

Wordfence is the second most popular plugin in our review of the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins. They offer a free version of their plugin which comes complete with a powerful malware scanner, malicious attacks, hacking attempts, code injection, exploit detection, and threat assessment full features, etc.

Wordfence WordPress plugin will automatically monitor and scan your website for common threats, brute force attacks and completely locks any user with an invalid username and even enable 2FA (2-Factor Authenticator) for better security. It also lets you launch a full scan at any point in time. You will be alerted by emails constantly and instantly if any signs of a security breach are detected on your WordPress website and it comes with the instructions to fix them.

The downside of Wordfence WordPress Security plugin is that it comes with an in-built WordPress firewall that runs on your own server even before loading your WordPress website instead of being run by a cloud-based service provider making it less effective or less efficient compared to a DNS level firewall like.

3. iThemes WordPress Security Plugin Formerly Known as Better WP Security

iThemes another WordPress Security Plugin on the list of our 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins. iThemes Security is developed by the same guys behind the popular BackupBuddy WordPress Plugin.

iThemes Security offers a nice clean user interface and with lots of options like website files integrity checks, WordPress security hardening, brute force protection, locks suspicious IP that scans for vulnerabilities on your website, limiting login attempts, affixing or strong password enforcement, 404 detections, e.t.c

This Security Plugin does not include a website firewall, malware scanner in their development.

iTheme Security plugin is very simple to install; it solves a variety of common security vulnerabilities, it protects against attacks, it offers helpful security tips and advice, and much more besides. The great thing about it is that is so simple to use, as there is a simple/basic checklist appended/located on the dashboard.

It has some choices and settings that are most generally needed for nearly all WordPress websites furthermore as forbidding users, information backups, native brute force protection, network brute force protection, strong passwords, and WordPress tweaks.

One of the vital options is network brute force protection. If different web sites that running iThemes notice a hacker that enforces their site they discover the internet protocol-IP address so that the hacker or hackers are known and iThemes can automatically notify you.

The free version carries out many actions, therefore, you almost certainly don’t even want the professional.

4. Hide My WordPress Ghost Security Plugin

The next one on the list our 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins is “Hide My WordPress Ghost Security Plugin”, proving to be one in every of the foremost effective security through obscurity WP plugins presently on the market. The most superb feature of hiding My WordPress Ghost?

It nearly acts sort of a cloaking defender, as it hides the fact that your site/blog is being hosted on WordPress. This then confuses potential hackers, or bots attempting to identify the CMS. By concealment and adjusting the WordPress routes, your web site is shielded from a variety of things, as well as requests to PHP files, Brute-Force Attacks, Cross web site Scripting (XSS), Reduction of Access/login Attempts to Admin area and SQL-Injection.

Your WordPress admin and login is accessible by anyone who is aware of your web site is created with WordPress. You simply place wp-login.php after the URL of your website and you get the login page. This is dangerous as a result of one in all the first ways that individuals hacking your web site really get usernames and passwords and if they will get the login page they’re going to have a chance to get into your website.

If they don’t understand wherever you’re login page is there’s no probability for them to really attempt to guess your username and login password. Hide My WordPress Ghost hides your login link and additionally renames the themes and plugins that the web site is making use of. It is a whole security resolution in one plugin with all the protection a general WordPress web site wants. The plugin removes all traces of WordPress from your website’s codes and additionally blocks access to the previous path in order that the hackers can’t determine the WordPress CMS any longer.

5. All In One WP Security & Firewall Plugin

All In One WP Security & Firewall Security Plugin is a powerful security plugin and takes your website to a whole new advanced level of protection. The best feature about this plugin is that the security and firewall options are sub-categorized into basic, intermediate, or advanced protection level, which makes it effortlessly easy for WordPress Admin to enable a group of features from.

Basic options can typically have marginal to no impact on your site’s existing practicality. The options that are tagged as intermediate or advanced might have some impact on functionality counting on your website setup and therefore the plugins you’re presently making use of. In your dashboard, you may realize the foremost necessary options that you must apply to attain a minimally acceptable level of security.

It has a few other cool features like showing you how robust your website is, suggests how strong your password should be, how long it would take to crack your password, some firewall and scanning settings.

From your WordPress dashboard, you`ll find a security strength meter gauge. The purpose of this gauge is to make you aware of however secure your website relies on what number of the safety options you’ve got activated.

However, it is not as very efficient as those reviewed above and often you will be required to manually block and blacklist suspicious Internet protocols-IPs.

6. BulletProof  WordPress Security Plugin

BulletProof  Security Plugin is just another popular WordPress Security Modules among the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins.

It`s not the best nor the prettiest plugin on the market but it is still effective with some cool features. It comes with an automatic setup wizard that helps you through plugin settings without tiring or tedious manual setup or configuration.

After which the plugin automatically scans your website for pre-e-existing hackers code from plugins, themes or an entire website, detects, monitors and fixes security threats in real-time. With BulletProof  WordPress Security IP-based Firewall, you can secure all your plugins and themes from being publicly detected, accessed and exploited.

Major Features of BulletProof Securit Plugin

BulletProof Security Plugin also comes with a website malware scanner that allows you to check and analyze the integrity of WordPress files and folders. It provides you with Website security hardening, it includes user login protection, user idle session logout, activity security logs, and database backup utility. And finally, it allows you to set up email notifications with security logs and get all alerts mailed to you when a user is locked out.

7. WebARX WordPress Security Plugin

8 Best WordPress Security Plugins - Webarx Security Plugin
WebARX Security Plugin

WebARX WordPress Security Plugin is not just a security plugin – but it is so much more. It is more than you`ve heard. (Tested & Trusted); try it now and then will you realize it’s all you`ll need to keep your site secured.

Features of WebARX WordPress Security Plugin

Web Application Firewall (WAF) Engine

WebARX is widely known for its Web Application Firewall (WAF) Engine, which gives you complete control over your website’s security that is; it gives you the control to block malicious traffic at every point in time with its lightweight web application firewall (WAF).

Security and Vulnerability Monitoring

Most importantly, WebARX has a well-managed and structured web application firewall (WAF) that protects your website modules or files vulnerabilities, hacks detection, bots or brute force attacks and more.

Security Reports and Alerts

WebARX Security Plugin also gives you the access or freedom to create and control or manage your own firewall rules with its firewall engine via WebARX cloud-based dashboard. It hardens your WordPress site files protection, backup your site, 24/7 uptime monitor & notifications, WebARX keeps you informed and updated on the go about every issue that needs immediate attention by generating weekly security reports and alerting you about all.

Quick and Easy 3 Step Setup

WebARX Set-up is very easy and can be implemented in under 3 minutes.

  • Create an account on WebARX Portal.
  • Add your website(s) to your WebARX account.
  • Then enable firewall rules on all of your sites.

Final Thought on the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins

From our comparison of the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins, we can vividly tell you that Sucuri is the best chosen and WordPress Security Protection resort for your WordPress website followed by WordFence among our 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins review. Sucuri is packed with all the efficient and cool features that you can and would ever need from a website security protection, including entire website scanning, Domain Name System (DNS) level firewalls, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for improved performance.

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Make sure your WordPress website is SSL protected. You should read out How to Get a Free WordPress SSL Certificate for Your Website for more details.

We hope this article on the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins is well understood and helped you in choosing one of the 8 Best WordPress Security Plugins for your website. If you found this article helpful and you can also find us on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.

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