Affiliate Networks or Marketing could be a very giant industry and has become a key source of on-line income for several thousands of skilled bloggers. With a lot of and a lot of on-line businesses becoming involved in affiliate marketing, a lot of opportunities have arisen for bloggers, such as You and I, to make cash with their blog/journal and to ultimately create passive income streams.

With a wide variety of businesses who work direct with affiliates, most affiliate marketers will use an affiliate marketing network to search for offers for their blogs. Though these affiliate platforms will take a small cut of any fees generated, they do serve a valuable purpose in the affiliate marketing climate

Today, you’ll be learning about the Best Affiliate Marketing Networks to use in earning millions of bucks a month. I have shared a few numbers of the popular and best affiliate programs for WordPress niche and additionally a post on the continual affiliate programs that you simply will be a part of.

I am sharing an exclusive list of top affiliate marketplaces that you’ll be able to be a part of instantly and once you’re a part of it, you’ll be able to flick through uncounted affiliate programs and pick the one that suits your requirements.

JVZoo – Best Affiliate Marketing Networks

JVZoo Affiliate Marketing Network

JVZoo was founded in 2011 and has since rocketed to near the top as one of the foremost widespread affiliate programs out there. JVZoo is uncommon in that there aren’t any upfront prices for either publishers or merchants (advertisers). JVZoo’s income is exclusively different from charging fees for both the merchant and the affiliate after a sale has been made. It is additionally uncommon in that it pays commissions “instantly” via PayPal instead of once a week/month like alternative affiliate programs.

JVZoo Niche Information

JVZoo works solely with digital merchandise or products, primarily e-commerce, online courses, and internet marketing offers. Coz there aren`t any limits placed on the number of web links, purchase or buy buttons, or call-to-action buttons on a website, JVZoo can sometimes be somewhat low quality.

JVZoo Product Types

JVZoo is primarily about selling online courses or getting people to hand over their information to marketing companies, but it has carved out a leadership role in advertising product launches, which occur every single day.

JVZoo Average Commission Rate

Commission rates vary based on product/merchant, but many of them offer 50 percent or higher returns.

JVZoo Cookie Duration

Unlimited/lifetime cookies.

Who Can Participate?

JVZoo helps you to both host and build landing pages on their own web site, so it’s far better suited for professional marketers who want to flood the internet with providing or offers, many of them for online courses to make more cash/money. You don’t want your own web site to participate in JVZoo, but you will need to know how to drive traffic to a landing or squeeze page in order to profit from being a JVZoo affiliate.

It’s positively not for somebody who needs to monetize a blog or earn cash by having users click through and purchase physical merchandise or products. If you’ve shaped out a strong and effective marketing online presence, JVZoo might be a perfect fit.

Pros of JVzoo:

  • Free to join and you can (later) qualify for instant payouts (Paypal).
  • Ideal for marketing new product launches.
  • You don’t need your own website.

Cons of JVZoo:

  • Lots of videos and documentation available, but you have to pay to access it (a one-time fee).
  • You have to sell 50 products or more to get instant Paypal payouts.
  • User dashboard is a bit clunky and can sometimes misfire.
  • Many merchant/seller ads are hyperbolic and misleading.

ClickBankBest Affiliate Marketing Networks

ClickBank Affiliate Marketing Network

ClickBank has been around since the earliest days of the internet. After suffering from low-quality products that verged on spam back in 2012, ClickBank (or “CB” to those in the industry) has revamped its review process and created a much better dashboard.

ClickBank is still a strong competitor or contender. The review method is a lot of skilled or professional recently, but it’s still primarily focused on selling digital products, especially “how to make money” courses and the like. That being mentioned, there are some genuinely high-quality merchandise or products on offer, and few affiliate programs are larger than ClickBank, particularly in marketing (primarily digital) books.

ClickBank Niche Information

ClickBank previously focused primarily on digital products, particularly marketing type courses, but has now vastly expanded its offering to include both digital and physical goods.

ClickBank Product Types

ClickBank’s focus tends to be more on niche e-books, online courses, and e-courses, although they have expanded into some physical goods as well.

ClickBank Average Commission Rate

Up to 75%.

ClickBank Cookie Duration

Cookie duration depends on the product, but none are an unlimited/lifetime.

Who Can Participate?

ClickBank allows you to join for free, and the approval process is virtually automatic, so it’s a great choice for people entering the affiliated game for the first time. ClickBank has a ton of information, including FAQs, walkthroughs, and videos available, so the barrier to entry is quite low. There’s also a (paid) program called ClickBank University with courses and assistance from experienced marketers.

There’s also a second-tier program called the “joint venture program” that allows you to collaborate with ClickBank partners, a type of second-tier affiliate program. There’s an approval process for this, but the commissions are higher. ClickBank is superbly positioned for publishers (bloggers) working in smaller niches.


  • Weekly payouts with many different payout options.
  • The joint venture program allows for even higher earnings.
  • One of the biggest and most robust affiliate programs out there.
  • ClickBank enforces a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee on ALL products.
  • Instant approval process.


  • Refund policy improves conversion rates but can eat into your income.
  • Strong competition from other affiliates selling the same products.
  • Some digital products being sold are very low quality.
  • Initial payments are made by check only – only after a minimum number of sales can you get payouts via wire transfer or PayPal.
  • Limited range of physical products.

Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate
CJ Affiliate Marketing Network

Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate is considered to be the most reputed and biggest or affiliate marketplaces for bloggers and affiliate marketers online.; if you have worked in the affiliate marketing area for any amount of your time, you’ve most likely bumped into them.

Nearly every major retailer have their affiliate programs on Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction), which makes them as close to a one-stop-shop as you can get in the affiliate marketing business. Most retailers have multiple ad sizes offered for affiliates, which gives you better control of the offers you show on your blog.

With such a wide array of advertisers on the Commission Junction – CJ Affiliate platform it makes it relatively easy to compare and segment different offers. Finding the affiliate tracking code to place on your blog is additionally straightforward; once you’re approved to market a proposal, you can be running lots of different offers on your site in just a few short hours.

To summarise, the advantages of the network are:

  • Large Partner Network.
  • Reliable Payments. They offer a net-20 payment term which implies that you’ll get your commission paid to move into a timely manner every month.
  • Powerful Reporting Options. The reporting suite from CJ Affiliate is pretty spectacular, which is a big advantage for marketers who plan to spend their time optimizing their sales performance.

Disadvantages of the network include:

  • Steep Learning Curve. While the reporting capabilities are great, they’re also quite difficult for beginners to get to grips with. You’ll spend time within the dashboard before you’re comfortable navigating the reporting suite and might then begin to take full advantage of the tools on offer.
  • Limited Customer Support. Due to the massive range of affiliates and merchants, it’s understandable that customer support is quite limited. But solely having a contact form as the main methodology to get in touch with the support department may be restrictive.

Warrior PlusBest Affiliate Marketing Networks

Warrior Plus Affiliate Marketing Network
Warrior + Plus Affiliate Marketing Network

Warrior Plus’s website and interface look like something from an earlier era, but Warrior Plus is a strong contender in advertising online courses and “make money” marketing programs. Where Warrior Plus shines is its instant payments (via PayPal) and paying out for all products in the sales funnel.

Because vetting the products (including refund rates) requires a lot of time and effort, Warrior Plus is best positioned for experienced marketers who are looking to earn commissions on a large range of programs.

Warrior Plus Niche Information

Warrior Plus (or Warrior + as it’s known in some circles) is exclusively dedicated to internet marketing.

Warrior Plus Product Types

The only products available for sale via Warrior Plus are digital ones, including one-time offers and “free” courses given in exchange for contact information. The majority of Warrior Plus products are courses on how to make money (known as MMO/BizOpp in the industry).

Warrior Plus Average Commission Rate

Commission rates vary wildly depending on the product.

Warrior Plus Cookie Duration

Cookie durations vary by product.

Who Can Participate?

Warrior Plus is ideal for experienced internet marketers who want to earn commissions on (other) internet marketing offers. Warrior Plus’s clunky interface and a high volume of (often) low-quality products make their program best suited for experienced affiliates who have sophisticated methods of driving traffic to specified links.


  • Easy and free approval process.
  • A large number of (digital) products on offer.
  • Very transparent operation and high payouts/commissions for some products.
  • Useful metrics for vendors.
  • Instant Paypal payouts or payouts via Stripe.


  • Requires approval from each vendor, which can be time-consuming.
  • Sells a large number of low-quality products.
  • Refunds can eat into your income.
  • You have to make five sales before getting your first payout
  • Lack of transparency/info about some products.

Market Health

Market Health Affiliate Marketing Network
Market Health Affiliate Marketing Network

The Market Health Affiliate Program permits you to promote the world’s leading health and beauty offers online. Market Health Affiliate Network offers the best paying affiliate program and the best tracking software package in our business. If you have got a web website and have an interest in making cash off the explosive sales within the health and beauty business, then is perfect for you. Offers include merchandise or products in the health, beauty, supplement, weight loss, and skin care industries.

We hope this comparison helped you discover the one to go with among the 5 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks Compared. See also The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide for Beginners.

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