20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas in 2019 – A Must Read!

20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas in 2019 – A Must Read!

Before we dive into the best 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas in 2019 let`s take a minute to understand some basic facts.

Many individuals believe that starting a blogging career is as straightforward as setting up WordPress and starting to type. In any case, many experienced writers know better – thinking of a great blog post is the key to success, and it’s no simple accomplishment.

To the extent we’re concerned, it’s far better to make a move than to sit and trust that thoughts will come to you – and there are a lot of techniques or methods you can use to get your inventive energies pumping or your creative juices flowing.

In this post, we highlight our favorite 20 different ways of brainstorming blog post ideas and how to try them, in fast flame style. So, put your thinking caps on and let`s begin!

20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas in 2019 – Discovering blog post ideas strategies

1. Check out your competition`s file archives

To give better content than your rivals, you have to get yourself acquainted to their file archives. Imitate. Improve. Move forward. Take motivation/inspiration from what has worked for them.

2. Follow or Stay Connected with your Competitors on Social Media Using our 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

Think about your main competitors (and their best contributors) via web-based networking media that is social media. They may utilize those accounts to share tips or links (connections) that don’t make it onto their site.

As such, focus on what individuals do, and not simply to what they say.

3. Check Your Competitor`s Mailing Lists

Many blogs or online journals send exclusive content to their mailing list subscribers/endorsers so as to get them hooked. Remember to subscribe to these as well while researching the competitors/challenge.

4. Give Old Content a New Spin

Glance through your very own archives to check whether any old posts would benefit by being repurposed as infographics, videos, or perhaps digital broadcasts or podcasts. This system can be used to revive or restore popular or mainstream content or to test if low-performing posts improve the situation in an alternate format.

5. Use the ‘High rise Technique’

There’s a decent possibility a ton of your blog posts ideas will have just been handled by another person, however, why let that stop you? In the event that somebody beat you to the punch with a 10 Best Blog Post Ideas, raise the stakes by composing a 20 Best Blog Post Ideas. (or more!) post. This is known, to a limited extent, as the Skyscraper Technique.

6. Check Relevant Online Communities

Checking online communities that cover article topics from your blog is a fantastic method to think of new ideas. Think industry forums, Facebook groups, Twitter lists, subreddits, and Q&A platforms, for example, Quora.

 We discover the WordPress support forums are a decent wellspring of potential subject ideas for our needs.

We discover the WordPress support forums are a decent wellspring of potential subject ideas for our needs.

7. Use Google Trends

Check Google Trends routinely to perceive what individuals are discussing on the web and if any of those trends fall under your area of interest.

Google Trends likewise empowers you to check enthusiasm for explicit watchwords, and find out the occasions they perform better, empowering you to plan posts ahead of time.

8. Use Google’s Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner can be used to check or look volumes for specific queries, which fills you in as to whether they’re worth seeking after and if there’s any competition.

It likewise shows related keyword phrases – significant for thinking of more relevant topic ideas.

9. Read User Comments – 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

Regardless of the platform – think review or audit websites, social media or online networking, and YouTube Videos, among others – client remarks or user comments can be a goldmine when searching for motivation. Readers will request specific information or explicit data, express counterarguments, and propose new perspectives – which are all important hotspots for new ideas or thoughts.

10. Check significant news outlets

Watching out for news outlets which are your field related enables you to remain fully informed and stay up to date regarding the most recent or latest developments. For instance, since our primary interest area is WordPress, we’d be delinquent in the event that we didn’t focus on its most recent updates and security fixes.

11. Hit the books – 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

Printed resources (or their E-Book counterparts) can be similarly as important as search engines when searching for new blog post ideas. On the off chance that the money is an objection, look at the Amazon Kindle book shop and exploit or take advantage of their preview features – a great index will frequently be sufficient to point you in the right direction.

12. Retarget Past Post For New Audience

In some case all you require for a new topic is to target or focus a past post towards a different audience. For instance, in the event that you previously published an Essential WordPress Security Tips for Beginners article, you should seriously mull over a different angle, for example, X Security Tips for WordPress Experts.

13. Consider Opposite Viewpoints

Following in the same vein from the past strategy, consider retooling blog post ideas to handle topics from a contradicting perspective. For instance, an X Reasons Why You Should… article could rather be drawn closer as an X Reasons Why You Shouldn’t… piece.

14. Ask your crowd 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

In case you are not sure what topic to handle, feel free to ask your audience directly. Connect with them through your comment segments, social media accounts, or by means of email.

15. Use HubSpot’s Blog Post Ideas Generator

The HubSpot Blog Post Ideas Generator can enable you to come up with new or more than 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas in 2019, blog topic ideas related to the particular keyword phrases that you input.

16. Consider Follow-up Posts

A single topic idea can be transformed into a series of topics if the subject has enough meat to it, such as our two-part guide quick wins to enhance WordPress speed.

17. Rely on your Investigation

Your demographic data or statistic information isn’t only a review of your readership; the numbers can likewise be used to help discover blog post ideas applicable to your intended audience.

18. Test and Review New Tools and Services

Continuously be watchful for significant tools and services to prescribe to your readers. For us, that implies staying aware of new plugin releases and free tools and services that could be useful to WordPress lovers. When you’ve discovered something intriguing, test it and offer your bits of knowledge.

19. Compare Related Tools and Services

These days, individuals will swing to the web to settle on educated decisions among tools and services, which is the reason comparisons articles are so prominent. In case you’re generally watchful for new tools and services, comparisons will naturally arise – so think about building posts around them.

20. Schedule Seasonal Posts20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

A few articles, for example, roundups can be transformed into seasonal occasions. For instance, on the off chance that you blog about WordPress, you should seriously consider over a month to month new themes roundups, or run completely seasonal with a Christmas-related plugin list.

Seasonal posts enable you to expand on subjects you’re as of now familiar with and give your readers a motivating force to check your blog again later.

Final Thoughts on 20 Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

Not every blog post idea you put together is going to be a home run, but you should not give that possibility a chance to shield you from exploring new and intriguing topics. For whatever length of time that you center around offering some benefit to your readers, you’ll always be on the right path.

While you are up with creating your unique blog post, make sure you keep to the rules guiding SEO. Refer to our other post on Unhealthy SEO Habits You Need to Quit Right now! and make sure you integrate Google Search Console for improved SEO. We have given detailed articles on Everything You Need to Know About Google Search Console (GSC) and How to Add Your WordPress Site to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tool).

What’s your go-to technique for coming up? Let`s keep brainstorming the comment session below with your ideas of new blog topics. Follow us on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.


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