11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking for More Organic Search in 2019.

Are you tired of not seeing any increase in your organic traffic no matter what you do? Yes?  Then where is your website traffic coming from and at what cost are you getting this traffic? Below we`ll explain in details the 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking.

For any business to reach today’s competitive market, it is essential to make use of online presence for less cost. Only the companies that have built their online presence can only reach a very more comprehensive and quality set of customers.

Important Question

Do you rely on website visitors or people to search and find you through a search engine like Google search and Bing Search; Then Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be your top priority.

While you put in every effort with our detailed 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking to get more Organic Search from search engines, keep in mind that Search Engine Optimization (SEO)is a treasure to be well guided, refer to our detailed article on Unhealthy SEO Habits Outlined Which You Should Quit Right now!

Did you know that 93% of every online experience on the Internet starts with a search engine like Google search and Bing Search?

Do you know what happens after which someone carries out a search?

The most or top result on Google first page has a 33% chance of been followed or getting clicked to get to a particular website.

That is to say, if you’re not number 1 on the search page, you just missed out on a part of a whole lot of potential traffic based on your website optimization.

What’s even more interesting and surprising is that 91.5% website visitors or people carrying out or making a search with search engine won’t even navigate or click on the second page put out on the search results.

The main factor or reason as to why some other websites are ranking higher on Google than your website is basically due their mental and stayed alerts for improvements to put in more effort to improve their Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

It`s not your time to get started with your website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Below we have identified the various strategies or 11 Best Ways to Improve SEO Ranking with Organic Search in 2019.

1. Create Unique and High-Quality Content

Do you often update your website with unique and high-quality content?

Create unique, informative and high-quality contents that free from any form plagiarism is the most vital of all the 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking. If you’re copying from another website, then the search engine can lower your ranking and thus by adding solely real content on your site is incredibly and abundantly required.

Only websites that have built their online presence can only reach a very more comprehensive and quality set of customers so to drive more organic traffic to your blog or website and increase its popularity on the internet, you just need to give your website visitors a good reason to keep coming back on every desire for more information.

The contents you create needs to be unique, high quality, and relevant, recent and updated.

Another important factor that inflates or impacts your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking is Dwell Time which is referred to the length of time a website visitor spends on a webpage after they followed your link through Search Engine Results Page (SERP) before heading back to Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

As long as your website has unique, high quality, and relevant, recent and updated with interesting and call-to-action contents or information, it will keep website visitors on your webpage longer to help improve your website dwell time.

Another important factor to consider is that when your website visitors bookmark your blog or website using Google Chrome Browser, it helps improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

The reason behind this is that Google Chrome Browser controls about 45% of the Internet Browser Market Share all around the world and that number of 45% will keep rising.

2. Do a Proper Keyword Research

Proper keyword research acts as a roadmap and supports unique and quality content creation.

Choose a proper and primary keyword that are trending currently online because it plays a vital or major role in this formula then add them up in your post for your searchers.

Keywords are words people will search for within the search engine to navigate directly to the contents on your website; But do it with moderation and let them fit naturally into sentences because if you dare to go overboard to fill your website with keywords without a good context also called Keyword Stuffing then Google is going to slap your website meaning Google will pick up on this action of stuffing keywords, and lower your ranking.

How to Integrate Your Keywords

Include keywords in the header of your website or head tag and even in image captions of your post as shown below

<meta name="keywords"
content="Enter your keywords here"/>
For instance: <meta
name="keywords" content="seo, seo keywords, seo checker, search
engine optimization tips"/>

Also make sure to use long-tail keywords, that are 3 0r 4-word phrases that are likely to be found in a search.

For instance, someone probably would not just search for the word “PC” without specification during their search; But they probably may enter the phrase “best PC for gaming” as an alternative. Your website will tend to have a greater and higher chance of getting ranked or showing up first on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) if your attributed keywords match their search terms or keywords.

3. Write Great Call-to-Action Titles and Meta Description

This is a great factor to consider in these 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking for More Organic Seach in 2019.

The first and foremost fact to consider when to writing Call-to-Action titles for search engines like Google Search, Bing Search to write your headline you`ve got only 65 characters input option.

Your headline will cut off if it`s more than this specified 65 characters input option so the best thing to do is limit your post titles to maximum of 65 characters to stay within the view limit and keep in mind that the first four words of your title should be from your keyword research as you are keeping the title precise and concise.

How to Integrate Your Meta Description

Include Meta Description in the head tag of your post page as shown below

 <meta name="description" content="Enter your description here"/> 
 For instance: <meta name="description" content="Step by Step Guide on How to Add Your Website to Google Search Console"/> 

With these Call-to-Action title and Meta Description, your website now has more chances of ranking higher on Search Engine Result Page (SERP)

4. Optimize Your Website Images

Pictures, Infographics and other images are interestingly great for your website.

But you do have to make sure that they are properly optimized in file format and size in other for them to help improve your SEO ranking.

Large images can slow your website speed that is the slow page loading time, and it hurts your SEO ranking.

Don`t just resize them, compress your images as well to keep them fully optimize.

With your images, you can also bring in your keywords by naming them accordingly and using these keywords in your alt text.

For instance, let’s just say you have a website that sells Security Plugins or other WordPress Plugins.

Instead of giving or naming an image something like “Best Security plugin for WordPress Website,” you could properly name it “Best WordPress Security Plugin.” And don`t forget to sneak in your keywords in the title as well as the caption or description.

5. Improve Your Website Loading Speed

As said earlier, Large images can affect your website speed greatly by slowing down it`s loading time thereby hurting your SEO ranking.

Now to fully briefly talk about improving your website loading speed, Google will recognize a slow loading website and it this will hurt your SEO ranking.

In as much as a slow loading website increase the dwell time of a site visitor, it also has a negative impact on your website which in turn hurt your SEO ranking.

Here is the question you should ask yourself before considering site speed improvement.

From research, it shows that 40% of website visitors abandon websites if it`s page loads by more than 3 seconds.

And the shocking fact about this 40% of visitors that encounter website slows loading speed is that 80% of them may never return to that particular website.

This is a factor that greatly hurts your SEO ranking that kills traffic to your website.

But with a fast loading site, visitors will never stop coming back to you.

Google’s algorithm will keep your site in check or recognize your website’s efficiency in speed and popularity and help adjust your search engine ranking accordingly.

Do you want to check or test the speed of your website, there are free online services or tools such as GTmetrix and Pingdom available to test your website speed from any location all around the world.

6. Include Multimedia Elements in Your Content

The contents on your blog or website should not only be text documents or written words alone. Text only contents incorporated with pictures are also great but there are more elements you can add to help improve your SEO ranking.

Include multimedia elements like descriptive or informative videos, audio files, or slideshow (carousel) to your website content improve the user experience (UI) especially for starters interested in getting more knowledge from video tutorials or infographics. But there should be a direct correlation or reciprocal relationship between your content videos and other multimedia elements Because some persons find it much easier to see or watch videos than reading about it.

Most web visitors or users of these days prefer a web site that has video content that’s informative and as per their demand. The increasing variety of daily users on YouTube could be a reason enough to create your content with pictures, infographics, and videos on your web site.

These features can significantly improve the dwell time of your website visitors and will definitely boost your search ranking.

7. Format Your Website or Post Properly

Before you start building your website or blog, make sure you take your time in creating or mapping out your site structure or the layout for your new website.

The layout of your website has to be clear, neat, organized, and uncluttered.

You need to choose your font size and typography and specify them for your titles or headings, subheadings and text body accordingly with color on text, font formatting like bold, italics, underline and font shadow.

Make your post neatly arranged with item checklists, bullets and numberings for easy accessibility through your created content.

If your website is stuffed with too many pictures, ads, colors, and text blocks, it could appear untrustworthy to your visitors.

Also, your website architecture and navigation system fall into this format and design category which will improve your SEO ranking.

Another significant factor to look at is the header tags

  • Headings and Sub Headings are another great way to help improve your website user experience (UI).
  • Headings make your webpage or post look appealing and improves your readability by breaking up the contents into blocks thereby making it easier to read or skim through.
  • I use defined head tags for all my blog post ranging from <H1></H1> to <H6></H6>.

So I strongly recommend you get started with this great tool today and improve your SEO ranking.

8. Encourage Social Media Sharing

Every business and website or blog that needs online presence has to be active on social media to create awareness and this point is pretty common today especially in the SEO world.

But with the shares of your website links and post links shared on different social media then you can get an interesting SEO ranking of your website; With more shares consistently, these SEO ranking improvements never stop.

Note that one of the best ways to get started with this is by integrating social sharing icons on all your post or content.

Your social media campaign or post shares to your social media handles should also go with the post links to your blog or website which takes just one click for people to visit your site as soon as it hits their timeline.

9. Optimize Your Site for Mobile Devices

Another vital factor to be considered in the 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking for More organic Search in 2019 is Optimizing your Website for Mobile Devices.

As you may already know, mobile use is on the rise and keeps going forward.

It’s inevitably rising so fast that it’s actually overtaking personal computers.

From research, over 60% of keyword search on google comes mobile devices.

And of course, Google notes and recognizes this and helps them to rank websites accordingly.

Your website should be mobile-friendly or optimized for mobile users and this is a must because it affects user experience (UI), and adversely hurts your SEO ranking.

10. Get set up on or Connected to Google My Business (GMB)

Google My Business (GMB) is a free and great tool which helps business owners and websites manage their online presence and Improve their local search or SEO ranking and also helps your customers find you with ease with specific information like business address, business hours, business category, business reviews, and business details.

Local SEO is very important, especially for local or location-based business.

If you’ve been doing inefficiently in this area of SEO ranking, you need to spare a few minutes in setting up your Google My Business account.

This tool allows you to edit your business information, verify business contact information, add your business-related images, monitor your business reviews, and more which will give you more chances in SEO ranking over your competitors.

11. Keep Your Website Updated – 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking

If you haven’t updated your website since after the day you built and hosted it, then you probably do not have a great Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking right now.

Check that you update your web site and its content on a regular basis. Websites that don’t seem to be used on a regular basis are automatically lowered within the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. Even if you create tiny changes to create them in order that you’re listing ceaselessly to boost.

Various service suppliers will assist you to build the foremost out of your web site, but you need to look for one that provides Optimization as per the latest algorithm. The fees that a good and honest SEO expert/vendor charges for optimizing for Search Engine Optimization could appear to be an expensive investment at the beginning but, you need to keep in mind that it could increase the count of your potential customers to a considerable level; thereby sales returns, making it a good investment to your business only if you can`t do it yourself.

The growing & increasing number of visitors/viewers on your website/blog will undoubtedly turn out to be profitable on a long run and hence select an efficient and appropriate Search Engine Optimization – SEO company which is a very necessary task for any organization needs to create impactful presence through the internet.

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Final Thought on the 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking

How efficient are these 11 Best Ways to Improve Your Website SEO Ranking for Organic Search in 2019? Do leave a comment on your thoughts and follow us on PinterestFacebook, and Twitter.



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